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What's all this then Ted?

A story…..

A group of old people got together a while back and ended up getting involved with a group of young people. It all happened quite by accident.

The old people realised that the young people didn’t know much but they seemed like they were up for a bit of trying. The young people thought these old people were really boring but occasionally they would talk some sense and this was in someway really sick.

The young people suggested that the old people should do a website for other young people who didn’t know much. So they did.

What they don’t teach at Uni is part educational site, part Micheal extraction vehicle. We hope that while having a laugh it might actually pass on some not unreasonable advice, in among the rest of the nonsense.

If you like what we do please contribute by leaving a comment or interacting with us via social media. You can always reach us via email at info@whattheydontteachatuni.com.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Sesame Street

The story updated…..

This site was originally built in Wordpress using a Cubel theme during 2015. It was done as a learning exercise by a number of people (and their employees / interns) working out of a tech incubator in Glasgow, Scotland. It was intended as a teaching tool in how to write content and how to build websites.

Yes, it was all a bit like Sesame Street

In the aftermath it sat around for five years doing nothing.

We thought it might make a very interesting demo site for some really very sweet Gatsby technology we are working on. Author names have been changed to protect the guilty. We hope you enjoy the content, and the speed.....

Bye bye Wordpress.

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